When we talk about Game of Thrones, we talk about the powerful characters: Joffrey, Cercei, Tyrion, Dany, and so on. What about Sansa Stark? In honor of the new season coming out soon, let’s explore, shall we?


Sansa Stark is one of the main characters in Game of Thrones (GOT), yet she seems to be forgotten about frequently.We only really bother to remember about here when we see her suffering at the hands of her awful husband or fiancé (Ramsey and Joffrey, respectively). But Sansa is still a force to be reckoned with, I think, and so do the fans and writers. Not only have people been saying she’ll be “getting a break” this season, we also have rumors spinning around that she’s going to be wielding easy to spot power this season.

The last thing we saw of Sansa was her and Theon escaping from the Boltons, which I think we all cheered for. That was until we saw her in the Season 6 trailer. If you haven’t seen the trailers, please help yourself and go to youtube. I’m serious- here’s a link: YouTube  Go! I’ll wait here.

Okay. You’re back. Wasn’t that fantastic? Sansa appears in the trailers for Season 6 acting in a way that we haven’t quite seen before, which is exciting. The main point of this, however, is not just to be excited about the new season. Rather, it is to talk briefly about Sansa’s power in the TV show. When we first meet her, all she wants to do is go to King’s Landing to meet a man and get married. Shortly after, she is engaged to Joffrey, who treats her horribly. Then her father is killed, and she is kept as a prisoner there. Eventually she is almost smuggled out, then married to Tyrion, and then taken north, where she eventually ends up with Ramsay.

This whole time, she has little to no say in what happens to her. We see her be chased and sexually assaulted, saved by the Hound, married, married again, and raped. But during this time, she also learns about how women in her time period wield power. She’s learning from the best – Cersei, Margery, Olenna, just to name a few. By the time she’s married to Tyrion, and especially by the time she runs away from Ramsay, she has learned that women’s power in GOT is not about being loud and dominating foes like it is for the boys. For her, it is silent and filled with trickery, and even a little bit of seduction. For example, we see her trick and, in a way, seduce Petyr during the time she is with him in the Vale. Of course this ultimately ends up killing her aunt… but that’s besides the point.

We shouldn’t count Sansa Stark out just yet! This little wolf pup is starting to grow up and bare her teeth. She has a lot of potential, with the many people in the north still being loyal to the Starks. It will be exciting to see she makes happen in the next season! (#QueenOfTheNorth?)



Sansa would want you to comment! Share your thoughts and predictions below!


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